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.: Ujian Tengah Semester Genap 2014-2015 :.

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2.2.3. Dental Public Health


Dental Public Health studies about method to prevent and control dental and oral disease and to improve dental health through human awareness and management.

Science Development in 2010
  1. Oral health impact profile
  2. Health service
  3. Evidence-based dentistry
Technology Development in 2010
  1. Dental health promotion and prevention Technology
  2. Socio-dental indicator
  3. Dental health education
  4. Dental epidemic Index
  5. Evidence-based dental public health problem solving
Course Content
  1. Nutrition and odontogeny
  2. Environmental health and odontogeny
  3. Biostatistics
  4. Dental Epidemiology
  5. Prevention on public dental and oral Medicine
  6. Dental health service administration
  7. Public dental health education
  8. Survey : primary health care, service program on public dental health
Basic Dentistry
  1. Permanent dentition and dental growth
  2. Endodontic anomaly
  3. Oral flora (bacteria, fungus, parasite), carries, carries sensitivity testing
  4. Saliva gland and saliva
  5. Oral mucosa tissue
  6. Identification on candida Albicans
  7. Several anomalies on oral mucosa
  8. Infection on periodontal tissue
  9. Several anomalies on Periodontal tissue
  10. Anomaly on oral organ function on aging process
  11. Growth and development of craniofacial, endocrinology
  12. Genetic aspect of maxillofacial shape and other anomaly
  13. Adverse Reaction of medicamentosa
  14. Gnatology
  15. Gerodontology
Dental Material Science
  1. Direct esthetic Restorative Materials
  2. Fluoride containing Materials
Clinical Dentistry

Prosthodontics, Orthodontics, Periodontics,Pediatric Dentistry, Dental Conservation, Oral Surgery, Oral Medicine, Dental Radiology

Basic Medicine

Anatomy, Physiology, Microbiology, Pharmacology, Pathologic Anatomy, Genetics, Nutrition, Growth Science Medical Biology, Pharmacology

Public Health

Epidemiology, Behavior Science, Health Education, Pathological Prevention, Environmental Health, Biostatistics and Demography Organization and Management Of Health Service, Health Economics, Health Policy Analysis

Other courses
  • Basic Natural Science : Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Mathematics
  • Human Sciences : Religion, Indonesian State Ideology, Civics Education/Military Science
  • Scientific Philosophy : Research Methodology, Medical Ethics and Forensic Medicine
  • Behavioral Science : General Psychology Communicology
  • Sociology : Basic Social Science, Cultural Anthropology/Health, Dental anthropology, Entrepreneurship.